Consciousness to action

After  posting my first entry, I took some time, a bit more than four months, to include this project in my meditation. I have been watching and listening to the universe and current events, trying to put a plan in motion to effect a change that is so desperately needed.

In my own life I find my course of recovery challenged. I believe that changing the way we see addicts, and recovery is pivotal for changing the course of this epidemic. The very definition of sober is a far cry from society’s expectations. I want to create a movement where we can look earnestly at the individual and into their core. Addicts are some of the most hopefully misguided souls I’ve encountered. How fucked up must one’s view of the world be when putting a needle in your arm is somehow better than what life has put in front of you. Take away the stigma of drugs, and look at what that reality must be. That imagery is powerful. It’s hopefulness and hopelessness twisted all around, a chaotic energy that takes concise action to escape. Too many addicts will die before they are able to reach nirvana. 

The dogmatic view of recovery that is preached by the 12-step community is kryptonite to the revolution. We are on the brink of social revolution. Disenchanted youth mixed with the failings of our government has created the perfect storm to arise a new age of enlightenment and consciousness. While sitting at my last and now final treatment facility almost two years ago I had the realization that I needed to pursue a counterculture that embraces human reason, ethics, and philosophical naturalism, while rejecting the current dogma culture of recovery.

Thru this new consciousness must come action. To being this movement I’m going to be publishing a series of portraits over the next year capturing addicts in all different stages of addiction, allowing them to be seen as something other than a statistic. 

If you or anyone you know would like to be photographed as a part of my project please contact me via email

Stay well my loves, be good to yourself and eachother.

-May Wilde